From Poison Sweets to Counterfeit Coffee - The Dark History of the Food Cheats

Meticulously researched and fascinating to read, Swindled is guaranteed to give you food for thought”

Daily Express

Salmonella … toxins … additives … food scares … Have you ever wondered how our food has become so untrustworthy? Have we ever been able to trust what we eat?

Via a fascinating mix of food politics, history and culinary detective work, Bee Wilson uncovers the many methods by which swindlers have tampered with our food throughout history.

From the leaded wine of ancient Rome to the food piracy of the twenty-first century we see the extraordinary ways food has been padded, poisoned, spiked, coloured, substituted, faked and mislabelled everywhere it has been sold.

Bee Wilson reveals the strong historical currents which enable the fraudsters to flourish; the battle of the science of deception against the science of detection; the struggle to establish reliable standards. She also suggests some small ways in which we can all protect ourselves from swindles and learn to trust what we eat again.

Praise for Swindled

A wonderully written, thrilling rollercoaster of a book … A must-read: loaded with flavour, it is a satisfying rich stew of savoury details and meaty chunks of information — nourishment for the mind”

Sunday Telegraph

Riveting … If ever a book could convince you that the only food worth eating is that which you have scrupulously shopped for in reputable local shops and cooked yourself from scratch, it is this one”